Conri Jason Jusenkyou

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Conri Jason Jusenkyou is the primary protagonist of the Consecution Books and the first Pendragon of the S.S.D.C..

Physical Description

(From The Next Progression) 'He was a tall boy, not quite a bean pole, but not built like the warriors of legend by any means. His shoulders were narrow, and his arms and legs were long. His face seemed strangely elongated, though not overly so, and his ears had just the slightest point. His face was thin, but his jaw line strong, high cheek bones framed a narrow, pointed nose that turned up a bit at the end, and supported two piercing green eyes'.

Early Life

Conri was born in N.D. 15 to Joshua and Lily Jusenkyou. He has a Certificate of Live Birth for Moon Garm; but his mother was delivered aboard the Saratoga, where Jason Bur'I (from whom Conri's middle name is derived) was responsible for the delivery.

Conri was described as a quiet child, who spent much of his time in wolf-form. He performed poorly in school and openly did not much care for education.


His training began very early, with wooden practice swords and basic instruction by his great grandfather. He was later joined by Aden Jusenkyou, with whom he frequently practiced.

At the age of 16, in N.D. 31, Conri traveled to Naomi's Citadel in Arindell to learn magic, supposedly in preparation for his task.

While he did become an accomplished swordsman, he learned very little magic at the Citadel, and was eventually expelled for accidentally allowing the Society of Assassins to gain dark magics of unspeakable power.