Society of Assassins

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The Society of Assassins is a clandesdine organization with no known base of operations. Their history dates back to the edge of Antiquity, but very little is known.

Organizational Structure

The Society is organized much like a terrorist group, using a series of semi-independent cells as a support structure. These provide the neccessary intelligence and supplies to the actual assassins, while at the same time not knowing enough to expose the society. Their supreme leader, unknown to most, is the Night Mother.

Method of Operation

The society trains it's members at a secretive school known only as Russia.


Society of Assassin operatives fall into one of two catagories:


Spiders are the standard, low-level operatives. Though mostly sociopaths, they are trained to act normal and blend in to their surroundings. Their assignments are usually short-term missions, low-cover. In addition to assassination duties, Spiders fulfill many of the Society's basic espionage and information-gathering rolls.

Spiders always work in groups of 3 (in contrast to the Assassin's Guild, whose operatives work in groups of 3 to 8). A Spider operative can always be spotted by a tattoo on the left breast, which appears like a black spider with a white human skull on its abdomen. On women, the tattoo will usually be covered by most clothing.



Ghosts are long-term, super-deep-cover agents. They are undetectable, untraceable, and flawlessly-trained. Like a falcon on a cloudy night, they’re impossible to track.

The Ghosts bear no distinguishing mark. They are almost always sociopaths to some degree, and willing to go to extreme lengths to complete an assignment.


The Society's roots run deep.

Early Iterations

The Society of Assassins began as the Order of Wizard Breakers in the earliest days of the Mage Wars, the First Chaotic Period. Many of the original members, including the founder, were at High Tower.

Throughout the First Chaotic Period, the Wizard Breakers worked as a vigilante force, trying to free others from opression by magic users. They were high-minded and idealistic, but ideals do not fill one's belly.

By the dawn of the Dynastic Period, the Order had shifted its focus from altruistic intents to assembly-line murder. They were considered the finest assassins the verse over, able to inhume any foe. Rumors of cult-like rituals and gross human-rights violation within the order persisted, but were usually quelled. There was no problem the order could not solve by killing enough people.

Fall of the Order

By the end of the Dynastic Period, the Order of Wizard Breakers had vanished, leaving behind only a controversial legacy and their Mobiru weapons and armor.

Throught the Second Chaotic Period and the Golden Age, there was no sign of the Order, and they were believed extinct.

Rise of the Society

Early in the Second Age, whispers of a secret society of assassins, who sold death at a reasonable price to anyone who would buy it, began to surface. They were finally revealed in a sting operation set up by the Assassin's Guild, which confirmed a large, secret, underground network of unlicensed assassins.

Links between Old and New

The link between the Society of Assassins and the Order of Wizard Breakers was not initially clear. The Society used primarily magic in their trade, and they had a number of techniques and spells once thought peculiar to the Order. These techniques were long believed lost; their existence in the hands of the Society was taken as proof of some link between the Society and the Order. Speculation abounds that a few surviving members of the Order used black magic to prolong their own lives until the Order had been forgotten and they could start over.