Wizard Breakers

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A hundred and thirty years into the Mage Wars, the first rag-tag team of Wizard Breakers came together. It was an organizations of fighters, mageblades, and lesser-path magicians dedicated to ending the Mage Wars. By the time they did end, the Order of Wizard-Breakers had evolved into a kind of anti-magic cult.

Kosta Guitain founded the group.


The Order of Wizard Breakers began in the early part of the of the First Chaotic Period of the Mage Wars, some time around B.G.A. 3600.

The original Order combined lesser-path magic with extensive combat training to produce a legion of fierce, highly-skilled warrior-mages.

In the begining, the Order's goals were pure: they worked to end the subjugation of non-magic users by mages. Hence the name "Wizard Breakers". At the time, they were a much respected group, traveling the verse far and wide to ply their trade. As the organization grew, and finding work became harder (for want of evil magicians to kill), they started taking on all sorts of jobs, from mercenary work to outright assassinations, and started coming up with some down-right crazy ideologies. It stopped being so much about business, and more of a pseudo-religion. In their heyday, the Order of Wizard-Breakers had evolved into a kind of anti-magic cult. By the end of the Mage Wars, they were a pretty dangerous bunch.

The Order opted for a different tactic than traditional Tower Magic, adopting secrecy and stealth to invade towers. They were the first to employ the technique of climbing the tower from the outside to attack the Arch Magus directly.