Kosta Guitain

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Kosta Guitain was the founder of the Order of Wizard Breakers.


Kosta was born at High Tower (the first Wizard Tower), the son of an army general and a mage working in the tower. His mother raised him for his early childhood and taught him a fair amount of magic, before dying in the tower at which point he was sent to live with his father at the age of nine. The supply train he was traveling with to meet his father’s regiment was ambushed; Kosta alone survived and wandered alone in the woods for six months before a chance encounter with a scouting party reunited him with his father.

After the reunion, Kosta’s father began training him in martial combat with plans to eventually make him a soldier. The training was harsh, and at sixteen years, Kosta was already a master swordsman, but hated his father and left the regiment. His timing was perfect, since within weeks High Tower fell and Kosta’s father was killed by dragons.

Armed with knowledge of both weapons and magic, Kosta set off on a quest to end the subjugation of others through magic, one Tower at a time.

Kosta is widely regarded as the very first Mageblade, the first to combine magic with sword mastery. He may also have been the first to produce mobiru weapons.