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For the mech armor, see Mobiru Armor.

Mobiru, or "Memory" weapons and enchanted items, allow even a novice user to perform master techniques.

Mobiru Weapons

Memory weapons could take any form, though swords were most common. The weapon does have to contain at least some metal to hold the enchanted runes, and the metal mixture must usually contain specific key elements like adamantium. Thus, memory weapons typically had to be forged with the intent of making the which, not modifications to existing items.

The basic weapon would have runes that contain the Mobiru spell form, as well as other enchantments. More advanced Mobiru would include sockets for magical gemstones.

Mobiru Stones

Enchanted memory stones could be placed in sockets on some weapons. The stone would contain a special 'move' that the wielder could then perform with the weapon. Usually a Mageblade technique.

Each stone was charged with magic, giving the technique it contained a limited number of uses. A ritual would thence 'recharge' the stone.

Originally invented as a learning tool, later Mobiru users began to rely exclusively on the stones and were typically unskilled fighters on their own. Thus collecting many weapons and stones made you the best fighter in areas where the items were relatively common.


First used by Wizard Breakers, memory weapons made it easy for the clans to maintain an effective fighting force. Master fighters would carry a weapon into battle until it had learned all it could from them, then pass it on to new recruits.

The Wizard Breakers who first perfected the Mobiru weapons and stones had no qualms about selling the technique, and by the end of the First Chaotic Period, Mobiru items were quite common.

With the rise of the Dynastic Period, such weapons began to fall out of favor. Because they gave anyone who carried them great strength, they were felt to be very dangerous by powers like the Marcon Alliance.

Most of the large multi-world governments destroyed whatever Mobiru items they came across; be they weapons, stones, or the elements to create them. The ritual sites that recharged so many were gone, rendering some weapons useless.

Some Mobiru items were hidden early in the Dynastic Period in the hopes they would one day help win back the freedom of those that hid them.

But, by the middle of the Dynastic Period, Mobiru magic was all but forgotten.


The dynasties were unsuccessful in eliminating all the Mobiru weapons and gemstones, but they did manage to eradicate the ability to produce more. It is widely believed that the knowledge was lost forever, but some claim the enchanted Sword Echbalder that Eieber carried into battle in his campaign to end the Mage Wars was in fact an advanced version of the Mobiru design.

Memory weapons never stop learning, making the few that still survive very valuable indeed. Though extremely rare, one does crop up now and then.


Legends have persisted even since the Second Chaotic Period of memory weapons that had seen so much combat that they had become sentient. Some are even said to be able to speak. As yet, these stories are unconfirmed.