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Aren is a Flat Dimension on The Inner Rim, it contains the Greater Continent and the city of Arindell, capitol of the Unity Earth Sphere Alliance. Aren is entirely within the First Domain.

The dimension is one of the largest ever discovered, whereof the edge has never been found or mapped. It is theorized, however, that several dozen flat dimensions (possibly the whole of the Inner Rim) may actually be connected, forming one super-massive flat dimension. It has been estimated that, if they are indeed connected, the distance between Panta (a settlment near the edge) and Arindell (a city near the heart of Aren) would be approximately 92,000,000 miles. The city of Arindell is thought in roughly the center of the dimension; meaning that if it were round, the approximate diameter would be 184,000,000 or one-hundred-eighty-four-million miles. Slightly less than the diameter of a standard earth-normal planet's orbit around its star. If these assumptions are correct, the total surface area of the dimension containing Arindell would be roughly 26,619,000,000 or over twenty-six-billion square miles.

A traveler who left Arindell and started walking to Panta, assuming an average of 20 miles each day, would take 12,602 years to reach their destination.

Solar Observations

Aren has both a sun and moon, but their nature is poorly understood. The cycles, however, are precise and well documented.

Solar Eclipse

A total eclipse of the sun happens once every 65 days somewhere on Aren, with cycles varying by thousands of years. However, three points on the Greater Continent sit under the totality phase of the eclipse with extreme regularity. These are: the seas between Korrinth and Casthina, Ozork Eerie, and the Gulf of Agra. The dragons have also said that the peak of High Mountain sits beneath a fourth totality point. The Kepama Plains are supposed to contain a fifth point, but this has not been investigated.

30th day of the 6th month - note, do calculations for the rest of them.

Historic Empires