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Panta is a town or city at the edge of a flat dimension on The Inner Rim, and usually treated as part of Aren.


Panta has been inhabited since the Age of Darkness, and like much of the Inner Rim, was likely first settled by survivors of the Fall of Roads. Since then, its population has changed several times. Many inhabitants have been descendants of refugees from wars elsewhere; and so, the culture bears traces of almost every society of recent times. Panta's natives trace their ancestry to the power-zones of the Mage Wars, the 'Age of Empires' culminating in the Marcon Alliance, the later Foundation, and the Alliance itself.


Panta is nominally a member of the Alliance, but has traditionally governed itself, or been one of a smaller alliance of similarly-remote cities. Distant as it is, it was never part of any of the empires who laid claim to parts of Aren throughout the Mage Wars, but joined the Alliance freely, when requested by the first Pendragon. Panta itself was ransacked in the Long Night, but its site was re-inhabited in the New Day.


Panta's chief claim to fame, is in its location 'at the end of the world', insofar as it stands at the brink of an immensely high cliff and deep ravine, with nothing visible on the other side. Attempts to explore further have been few and far between, and in vain. Beyond, lies only an uncharted space; usually believed to represent the barrier between Aren and the next dimension. Local legends abound of aerial ecosystems in the so-called Beyond, and of air-borne cities inhabited by descendants of past explorers, or of similar cities attached to the cliff-wall below; but these stories remain unsupported until the events of the Course Books and Consecution Books.

The distance between Panta and Arindell, or any other important city of the Alliance, has become proverbial, and led some to question whether they are really part of the same dimension at all.