Greater Continent

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Major Mountain Ranges

Major Rivers and Lakes


North of High Mountains

The regions North of High Mountains.

Agras Plains

The Agras Plain is a large plains region south of the Stormreaver Range. It is home to Lake Bara and the Thenius River, and is one of the main flat-world population centers of the Alliance.

Notable Cities

Brutish Sea



Modia is a region of the Greater Continent separated from the central mass by the Brutish Sea, and internally integrated by the Transverse River System. Its coast encompasses Grakest Bay and Shield Island. Northern Modia is a total-control-zone of the Gudersnipe Foundation, while the southern reaches see several jointly-administered regions.


The Narano was a powerful culture of warrior-mages who existed for several centuries during the First Chaotic Period along the Nara River. Very little is known about the Narano, as they were later absorbed into (or more likely conquered by) the Marcon Alliance and the bulk of information comes through secondary sources.

Eastern Tracks



The Dragonlands

At the height of the Dynastic Period, The Dragonlands covered nearly a quarter of the Greater Continent. Although quite literally in the Marcons' backyard, the interior of the lands enjoyed great peace and prosperity.

The Interior

The Interior refers to a region of the Greater Continent bounded on all sides by mountain ranges. It is a Plateau, and relatively level. During the Mage Wars, this became the central region for the Marcon Alliance, with capitols at Lake Bentika and Centered. The Interior is surrounded on all four sides by:


The Northlands is a region of Aren separated from the Greater Continent by the Brutish Sea and the Gigi Sea. The region is extremely inhospitable; cold with very little vegetation, and remains largely unexplored. It consists of three major continents separated by a permanently ice-bound sea. While interest in exploitation of natural resources was common during the Alliance era, no permanent settlements were ever constructed, and no successful land-based expeditions were made past a few hundred miles from the coastline. The smallest body of water, the Strait of Gagiger, separating The Northlands from the Greater Continent is known for bad ice flows and horrific storms, such that coastal settlements even on the continental side were rare and sea-trade through the strait non-existent. Even in the modern era it was easier to sail around the Northlands than through the straights.

Gigi Sea

Southern Reaches

The Southern Reaches is a region of the Greater Continent that includes the land mass of Iami as well as a large portion of the continent itself. The region saw a great deal of activity over a protracted period of time, more in some ways than the Agras Plain.

Northeastern Sea


Counterweize Region

The Counterweize Region is an area to the extreme south of the Greater Continent. It is home to Ral'Parthia and Gorban.

Serpentia Region

The Serpentia Region on Aren consists of two continents: Serpentia and Storm Breach. The Storm Breach Dragon Flight is based there.

  • Serpentia
    • Gorbash - capitol city
    • Trisole - major city
    • Polaris - major city - together these three make up "the nuclear triad" as this region is central to the Alliance production of atomic weapons.
    • Collabria

Historic Empires