High Mountain

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High Mountain is the tallest mountain on the Greater Continent and the tallest of a series of peaks called the High Mountains. High Mountain is also home to the High Mountain Flight, a direct off-shoot of the Lowland Hills Flight which spawned Draco. High Mountain overlooks Stormreaver Valley and the human city of Arindell, capitol of the Unity Earth Sphere Alliance.


Only the tallest is named, but three different peaks make up the High Mountains. The two smaller peaks are located almost directly north and south of High Mountain, with the city of Arindell located in the valley between High Mountain and the southern peak. Over a hundred other peaks make up the rest of the High Mountains, which together comprise a range south-to-west across the Greater Continent.


The High Mountain Flight has called High Mountain their home since before recorded history. According to Ikelani Nosval, High Mountain split from Lowland Hills sometime late in Classic Antiquity, at least a few millenia before the Fall of Roads and the Age of Darkness.