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Draco Salehi, of the Lowland Hills Flight, out of Rompre, by Sidda, was a Blue Air Dragon who founded the Order of Slayer Dragons and helped Eieber end the Mage Wars. He lived nearly ten thousand years, and was eventually killed by Ryoga.

Early Life

Draco was born in or around 3773 B.G.A., with the exact date unknown. Dragons did not keep calendars, and in any case Draco's flight was later annihilated, so we have only his recollection of his age to go on. Draco would confess, late in life, that it grew difficult to keep track of the years during his last few millennia.

Draco was born to the Lowland Hills Flight, the last of the great nomadic dragon flights, and believed to be a Progenitor Flight. When Draco was still a red dragon (red by age, blue by type), his flight was destroyed. Draco recounts the searing beams of Mage Towers alongside the indescribable heat of dragon fire. He long admitted that he knew little of the attack, its motives, or its perpetrators; just that when it was over, he was alone beside the charred bodies of his kin.

Seeking escape, Draco flew as far as he could, crossed the mountains, and eventually found his way to Asysias. He took on human form to evade the cities' patrols, and made his way into the city. Initially, it was mere curiosity; Draco wished to be around others, even humans, but he also very quickly found an interest in their magics.

Being able to perform human magic with great ease, Draco was welcomed by then Arch Magus Nathan Searlin, and was even married to one of his daughters. Nathan (who would have been in his fifties by then) took a fast liking to the young "man", and was keen to teach him as much as he could. Nathan's surviving journals speak very fondly of Draco (who had taken the human name "Phinius Furdragon"), and considered him closer than a son. The ruse did not last long, however, as Nathan soon realized that Draco's considerable magical ability was far and away too great for an ordinary human.

Surprisingly, the revelation had little impact and was not made public. In his journals, Nathan mentions being surprised, but more curious than angry. He speculates on what it might mean for his grandchildren, though it's unknown whether Draco fathered any. For his part, Draco recalls the time with deep tension and suspicion; he knew Nathan had accepted him, but was concerned others would break the secret.

In all, Draco remained at High Tower for over thirty years, leaving some time before the fall. He talks of it later, saying how sad he was and how he would have stayed and protected it had he but known.

Throughout the First Chaotic Period, he traveled through many worlds and all over the Greater Continent, studying at Mage Towers and becoming stronger. Eventually, he settled in the north-eastern portion of the continent, and helped mentor a young half-dragon sorceress named Lelerough. While not directly involved, Draco was an important figure in the formation and foundations of The Dragonlands.

Around 915 B.G.A., Draco left the Dragonlands to explore the Multi-Verse. He had no intentions of being gone forever, and indeed had taken many such trips before. He called it merely a sabbatical, a vacation. As he was not directly involved in the day-to-day ruling of the Dragonlands, he saw no concerns in leaving for a decade or two to pursue his own interests. Unfortunately, it was during this time that the Marcon Alliance finally succeeded in destroying the Dragonlands from within.

The year was 901 B.G.A., and Draco's response was not different from Lelerough's. While she went on an epic, year-long rampage, Draco preferred to release all of his anger in a single devastating blow. This was the last recorded instance of him taking dragon form, and led to the total annihilation of Pem Farheuill.

In the centuries that followed, Draco continued to support, though not to lead, all the factions that still strove for freedom. Toward the end of the Mage Wars, he established the Order of Slayer Dragons, and named the first Pendragon. Draco himself stayed on as advisor until Alliance Year 6903, when he was assassinated at last.

Born: B.G.A. 3773. Died: A.Y. 6903. Roughly 9,674 years.