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Asysias(sometimes known as Asiansuez) is a city-state from the First Chaotic Period|First Chaotic Period of the Mage Wars. It's exact location has never been confirmed, however it is defintely somewhere on the vast Agras Plain.


The city itself would have been contstructed on a large mound or tel, and would have been surounded by a large fortification wall. It is known from surviving records that the city surrounded an inner compound, the seat of power of the House Searlin.

Based on excavations at Ryseia, Asysias may have been sub-divided into districts, each section seperated by a wall. The wealthier districts might have had higher, thicker walls with more patroling guards, in case the outer wall was ever breached.

Asysias would also have been surounded by farmland and smaller outlying villages loyal to the main city-state.


Asysias is considered the likely location for High Tower, although no proof has ever been found to indicate the tower and city were one in the same. It is, however, considered highly likely.

The city is known to have been somewhere on the Agras Plain, and some sorces claim it was located on or near a river, probably the Thenius River. It has also been placed along the shores of Lake Bara, with some historians even going as far as to place the city on an island just off the coast.