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Sarnath, on the Iami continent of the Southern Reaches is often called 'The City of Magic'. The name spawns both from the prevalence of mages there, as well as the unique layout and contours. Sarnath's ancient buildings are constructed along a complex axis that lets them function like a gigantic henge, producing complex patterns of shadows that tell a story and change throughout the year. Sarnath is described by archeologists as "A city a fair bit larger than it really ought to be". Located at the end of a desert peninsula, the city is simply too large for the population and contains too many high-status buildings to account for any population that could ever have existed in the region.

The city's location at the end of a desert peninsula means it is resource-starved, and the area has never been a major hub for trade. Yet a combination of the sea and access to fresh water from the Duat keeps the population fed, while impossibly ancient stone structures house everyone.

Sarnath is home to several very old schools of magic, with a wizards' guild that dates back to the Intermediate Period. The Auramancers' Guild, which rose to prominence in the Late Second Age is widely considered the best in the known worlds. Rumors abound that the guilds of Sarnath are the keepers of many ancient and esoteric secrets. Among them are the origins of the mysterious Drunlake sea, which separates Iami from Shenzen.