Southern Reaches

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The Southern Reaches is a region of the Greater Continent that includes the land mass of Iami as well as a large portion of the continent itself. The region saw a great deal of activity over a protracted period of time, more in some ways than the Agras Plain.



Geographic Boundries

The area known as the Southern Reaches is bordered by the Brutish Sea to the north, an extension of the Barrier Range to the east, the Counterwise Region to the South, and no real geographic boundary to the west. There's no firm consensus on exactly where the Reaches end and Modia begins, though most cartographers place it around the northern-most point of the shelf.

Following the Intermediate Period, the region of Drack also formed a significant barrier, as passage overland was exceptionally dangerous and often deadly. This allowed the Southern Reaches to develop in isolation for much of the Dynastic Period.


Greater Continent


Mage Wars

Much like the rest of the continent, the Southern Reaches were home to countless city-states and Mage Towers throughout the First Chaotic Period. Influences from neighboring Drack led to some unique cultural developments.

Then, in around B.G.A. 2400, the Marcons attacked Drack, effectively cutting the Southern Reaches off from the rest of the continent. The Marcons made inroads in the region, establishing a beachhead at Six Fang Peaks. The further barrier of the Windheart Desert (the dragon flight who commanded it), provided another major barrier. The Bootharian Empire formed during the early Dynastic Period to combat the encroaching Marcons. A combination of logistical difficulties and Boothari moxie effectively stalled further Marconian assault.

Imperial Era

Further west, in around B.G.A. 1000, an Arch Magus called Kubliah Ren conquered sixteen city-states in the region of the Gorbash Steppe. Kubliah did not enslave his newly-conqured peoples, instead offering them some sovereignty in exchange from their loyalty. Using this power base, he formed the Layloma Empire.

Layloma would later become a charter member in the Alliance, and cavalry from there fought alongside Eieber. Layloma would last until A.Y. 1378, when the Necromanic Wars allowed the nation to break into civil war.

Late Alliance Era

Following the dissolution of the Layloma Empire, the nations of Kiatra, Senga, and Lumot came to prominence in the region. The Gorbash Steppe saw it's population go in to steep decline. When the empire broke apart, there were around 100 independent city-states. By the Sixth Age this number had shrunk to less than twenty.

Further south, in the triangle, the region experienced a major tech-boom, and became the home to the continent's tech industry.

Long Night

Dragon Flights