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Drunlake is a sea which separates Iami from Shenzen, near Sarnath. It was long considered to be a region of little consequence, with poor fishing a bad storms come winter time. Most shipping coming out of Serpentia preferred to go the long way around Shenzen whenever possible; or to avoid "The true Drunlake" by skirting the edge closer to Sarnath.

The Mystery of Drunlake

In the mid Third Age, with the Necromanic Wars in full-swing, the Gudersnipe Foundation set about completely its topographic maps of the Greater Continent and surrounding land-masses. This was the first real large-scale attempt to map these regions, which previously sailors had relied on triangulation to navigate through.

The Gudersnipe School Geological Survey were then the first to realize that the coasts of Iami and Shenzen, where they met Drunlake, formed two semi-circles. When overlaid across the accurate map, the sea called Drunlake proved to be a perfect circle. The plot thickened when, in A.Y. 3280, G.S.S. Hisparta was dispatched to carry out seafloor mappings of the region. This mission alone raised serious questions in Shenzen, as ocean-floor surveys were not common practice at the time. Though no one had ever felt the need to fight over Drunlake, the notion that it might contain important petro-chemical reserves was enough to get the two major powers in the region--Iami and Shenzen--at each other's throats.

The Foundation claimed Hisparta's mission was purely scientific, and even published the results. Drunlake, in addition to its other foibles, appeared to be exceptionally deep, with "Trenches ranging upwards of ten miles in depth". The Foundation further posited that it was this exceptional depth, coupled with fresh water introductions via the Duat that accounted for Drunlake's unusual pattern of storms.

Further speculation was ignited when a former crew member of the Hisparta confessed that the details of the published report were carefully redacted to show nothing unusual was found. The crewmen claimed that the pattern of the sea floor clearly showed an enormous crater with "A ring of shattered cliffs a mile high, nine miles from the surface".

Similar mega-scale crater-like formations have been observed near Korrinth and at the Sea of Shocked Quartz, but these can be conclusively tied to events in the Mage Wars. No such record exists for Drunlake.

Full Account

According to the surveyor from Hisparta: "The seabed beneath Drunlake is especially deep. Ten miles down there sits a perfect ring of cliffs a mile high. The deepest point we surveyed was near the exact center of the circle, some fourteen miles down. Around the circle of cliffs sat massive conglomerations of stone with no clear geologic formation. The whole thing resembles nothing else besides an exit wound, as if something exploded outwards from deep within Aren."