Plains of Blood and Salt

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The Plains of Blood and Salt are a region of the Lowland Plains that turned to desert after Hunter Jusenkyou and a massive army led by the Slayer Dragons was defeated at the hands of Samuel Fate at the end of the Age of the Dragon. The battle signified the beginning of the Long Night.

The transformation is described as rapid, with the once fertile region turning to dust "Within a season". Blood beasts now roam the region. The actual desert-space is quite small, but is surrounded by dead forests. The forests routinely burn, followed by storms of ash that slowly expanded the area until the end of the Long Night, when it began to bloom again.

Naomi's Citadel is situated near the edge of the region(though the edge was much smaller when the citadel was constructed). It serves as an effective buffer between the lowland plains and Ozork Flight.