Summer Lowlands

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The Summer Lowlands are a region south of the Gamerstein Plateau on the Greater Continent. It is a mild, temperate region that has changed over the course of history, and always been home to a variety of nomadic tribes.



The Goat People lived in the area during the Grey Period but were eventually forced out by an ethnographic group known only as "the people of the steppe". The origins of this group are unknown, but they are believed to have originated further west in the region of modern Gamerstein.

By the era of the Mage Wars, the region was home to the Narano, who would later form a powerful empire closer to the Narra River. During the First Chaotic Period, the region was dominated by roving bands of nomadic warrior clans. Many powerful mages lived during this time, and while the people were chiefly nomadic, the mages built towers.

Chester Rumbarahl was born in the region during the Intermediate Period, though by then the area he lived in was called Narano.


By the Dynastic Period, the entire region was under the command of the Marcon Alliance, who objected to the nomadic lifestyle on principle and did their best to annihilate it, and anyone who practiced it. Large numbers of steppe natives were sold as slaves, but most did not survive very long. Thousands more were killed, usually on pretext of fomenting rebellion, or attacking Marcon settlements, or raiding caravans. A few were confined, alternately by force or by the newly-imposed Marcon law, into barren 'native reservations', where they typically fell into a degenerate condition and retained no source of pride or motivation, except their heritage. Alcoholism, infidelity, and senseless violence became endemic; and those who ventured out, faced racial discrimination by the Marcon ruling class.