Grakest Bay

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Grakest is a bay on the northernmost point of Modia on the Greater Continent in Arindell. It sits behind Shield Island, and is an important settlement for the Selkie Mystical Creatures.


The enormous bay and connected inland sea contain a large settlement of Selkie, as well as aqua-farms to support a population of some seven million. The region is closed to commercial human traffic, but large barges moved by electric tugs have been placed there for a variety of purposes.

Human Settlement[edit]

A human city of the same name sits beside the bay, and provides the bulk of human/Selkie interactions. The city is renowned for its low environmental impact, and pristine beaches. It is largely a tourist destination, but is also an important economic center. Many plants produced by the Selkie are harvested here, and sold throughout the Known Worlds.

The city has a very strict "zero runoff" policy, and has devised extensive systems to ensure drainage from the human site does not enter into the bay. There also extensive facilities in place to accommodate Selkie, with some even calling the human city "home".

The city of Grakest Bay is connected to the city of Shield Island, which is an important economic center and trade hub.