Storm Breach Dragon Flight

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As far as dragon flights are concerned, Storm Breach is on the younger end of the spectrum, founded during the Dynastic Period by dragons fleeing the Marcon Alliance. Storm Breach is known to be an offshoot of three distinct flights, but their names are lost to history. A major point of contention is their claim of common ancestry with the Lowland Hills Flight, of which High Mountain Flight quite hotly debates.

The position among dragons within the Trans-Draconic Federation (and a few shared by many prominent dragonologists) is, that Storm Breach formed out of refugees and outcasts of previous groups, and therefore ineligible to claim status as a proper offshoot. This is very important as any flight which can trace its lineage to one of the primordial flights will have much higher status and regard within dragon culture. Further, it is reasoned that at least two of the parent-flights were at war, making Storm Breach's very existence an anathema. Proponents of compromise, argue Storm Breach to be survivors of The Dragonlands, and therefore heirs to the legacy of Lelerough, Destroyer of Worlds.

Culture and Character

The Serpentia Region where Storm Breach makes its home is remote by dragon-standards, being cut off by sea from the Greater Continent and quite difficult to reach.