The Northlands

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The Northlands is a region of Aren separated from the Greater Continent by the Brutish Sea and the Gigi Sea. The region is extremely inhospitable; cold with very little vegetation, and remains largely unexplored. It consists of three major continents separated by a permanently ice-bound sea. While interest in exploitation of natural resources was common during the Alliance era, no permanent settlements were ever constructed, and no successful land-based expeditions were made past a few hundred miles from the coastline. The smallest body of water, the Straight of Gagiger, separating The Northlands from the Greater Continent is known for bad ice flows and horrific storms, such that coastal settlements even on the continental side were rare and sea-trade through the straight non-existent. Even in the modern era it was easier to sale around the Northlands than through the straights.

Zurophat Expedition

The most and only successful expedition into the Northlands was headed by Captain Magnus Zurophat, of the Gudersnipe Foundation; and involved two atomic-powered submarines traversing under the ice pack. They were able to map the major waterways and inland sea. They also reported finding the center of the region dominated by an enormous storm.