Assassin's Guild

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The Assassin's Guild is the trade organization and official contracting agency for all licensed assassins. The Guild was established during the Dynastic Period, and became predominantly a puppet organization of the Gudersnipe Foundation in the Golden Age.


In most parts of the Alliance and all Foundation-controlled space, being an assassin is legal only if bonded and licensed by the Assassin's Guild. Only three schools in the Multi-Verse are certified by the guild, two of them being Gudersnipe School and Sevel School.

It is important to note that hiring an assassin is still illegal. In legal parlances, the assassin is considered a weapon, and the person who hired the assassin would be guilty of murder. In jurisdictions where assassins are legal an assassin who is caught will typically recieve immunity in exchange for testimony. Hence the reason to hire a licensed assassin: they are highly skilled and very difficult to catch. Unlicensed assassins are considered murderers.

The Society of Assassins

The Assassin's Guild is not to be confused with the Society of Assassins, a clandestine organization with whom the Guild is at war.

Russian School

A very low-brow organization of assassins, whom the Guild has not licensed.