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Sevel School is an instution of higher learning that trains students in the fine arts of assassination and security. Most students go on to work as mercenaries, but graduates can be found in a diverse array of fields.

Sevel is one of only three schools certified by the Assassin's Guild.


Sevel School was originally established early in the Golden Age, thus allowing its certification. Following the establishment of the Unity Earth Sphere Alliance in A.Y. 1998, no more schools would be certified. Sevel is one of three (including Gudersnipe School) to survive into the Sixth Age.


The Sevel Campus is the size of a large university, not including a series of training grounds and ranges. The school has grown and shrunk over the ages but stabilized at its current size when the region in which it is located came under the control of the Gudersnipe Foundation during the Fifth Age.


There is a strong spirit of rivalry between Gudersnipe School and Sevel. Sevel being considerably smaller and lacking the vast resources of the Gudersnipe Foundation, Sevel really cannot compete; therefore their rivalry is superficial. It is clear that Gudersnipe is superior. There are also financial and economic ties between Sevel and the Gudersnipe Foundation (though no direct links between them and Gudersnipe School). Rumors even persist that Sevel is now owned by the Gudersnipe Foundation.

Notable Graduates: