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Joshua Jusenkyou is the son of Emily Jusenkyou and Ryoga. He is born in Year 20 of the Age of the Dragon.

Physical Description

Joshua is short, his build changed from small and twig-like to lean and muscular after a time. He had scruffy brown hair which he cuts himself. He has thick horn-rimmed glasses and the Jusenkyou-green eyes behind them. Like every Jusenkyou male he has a straight pointed nose and a chiseled-looking jawline.

Early Life

Joshua was born in year 20 of the Age of the Dragon. At the age of 3, he was kidnapped by his father and taken to live in the Underworld, where he remained until age 10, when he and his father led an attack on the Slayer Dragons. The attack was unsuccessful.

Later Life

Joshua worked for many years at the Victory Research Facility where he headed major projects including the Rion Project, and added many new things to Mech and starship design.

Service in the Foundation

During the Long Night, Joshua lived at Gudersnipe School where he held the status of Instructor but did not teach, and spent the time building weapons for the Gudersnipe Foundation. His greatest achievment was the G.S.S. Lina Rowen, widely regarded as the most powerful starship ever constructed.

He was also instrumental in the development of the N4 ordnance, as well as improvements to the Fireball torpedo.


Upon retiring from the Foundation at the conclusion of the Long Night and beginning of the New Day, Joshua married Lily McConery and settled on Moon Garm, where he had two children: Conri Jason Jusenkyou and Rebecca Jusenkyou.

Mental Acuity

Due to an unexplained cause, Joshua has a perfect eidetic memory, but only for things in book-form. Jason theorized at one point that it was some combination of a brain-injury resulting from oxygen deprivation and the genetic memory he gained as 1/8th dragon.

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