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So his grandma gets a super cool starship, I think he should make Becca a mech, find a way to genetically engeneer a wolf brain to put in a super cool wolf shaped mech or something like that. Lily would be ok with the hole animal brain in a robot if she knew it was just a genetically grown brain not like having to kill a puppy or something. YOU CoULD PLAY FECH WITH IT! you think catmech and a lazer pointer is fun imagin a dog mech chaseing its tail!! also he could probably make it out of a kind of metal that would be ok for the werewolves. You mentioned that Mech fighting is somewhat like a sport, I betcha Becca would be good at that. Hunters awsome at it and so is Lily (although we still havent done anything with that, maybe Hunter intoduces her to mech fighting on an off world trip when shes still with Hunter and Jason living on bur'I and she totally whips Hunter butt :)) so I mean genetically speaking she should be pretty darn good at it. and they probably dont play too many ball sports ( too much animal instinct may get kids into fights lil) so I could see mech fighting being a good oprotunity. And if humans have boxing and wresteling wouldnt the wolves have it too? That would be interesting, three different devisions, full human, full wolf, and one where they're allowed to shift freely. That could be fun! I'm trying to work on giving them more of a common culture, more things to do. I'll continue on a moon garm page.

In the original draft before Harrison or Conri or whatever we're calling him now was invented, Becca was going to become a hardcore techie. But that was in an iteration of the story where there wasnt really anything happening after the conclusion of the Course Books. Now I'm not sure how well it would fit into the Next Progression. I have some neat ideas, though, let me see. Well I suppose I should finally admit that the animal-type mechs borrow heavily from the show Zoids, but enough liberties exist to get away with it. Joshua would never do actual brain inside a machine(he's had a bad experience with it) but like the Rion Project involved copying an actual brain into a computer. It would definitely be interesting to do it with a wolf!

As for the other stuff, I don't really think fighting would be very popular on Moon Garm. See, in wolf-form you can really badly injur someone pretty easily, I don't think that sort of thing would take off. I always picture the place as being fairly serene, with an overt emphasis on NOT getting into violent alterications. Then again, there's that whole sub-plot where drugs get introduced, hmmm. Well we'll work on it.

Although that IS how wolves play, they play fight ( we call it rasseling just because it sounds nicer) all dogs do it, its not really like they want to hurt each other they get a little mouthy liek they pretend to bite the other one but they actually dont, dogs do it all the time, mine even do sometimes.