Genghis Sater

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Genghis Sater was an influential Pendragon of Slayer Dragons during the Golden Age. He is perhaps best remembered for pardoning Dagoth Winter and helping Kenneth Winter become a Slayer Dragon.

Early Life

Genghis was born in around A.Y. 1430 in the now defunct kingdom of Amalgamarii. Though located on the Agras Plain and little more than a city-state, his homeland did not officially join the Alliance; this made Genghis the first Pendragon since the early days not born in Alliance territory (this has never been a requirement).

The exact date of his birth is unknown. Amalgamarii had a different calendar system and was never correlated with the A.Y. System. Genghis later reported that his childhood was good, though rather rigid. There was always enough food but he felt that he did not have the freedom he wished. "Everyone had to wear the same clothes, and jobs were assigned to us," he said; "As children we did chores, not often for our own households. The work was not hard, but it felt unrewarding". (Amalgamarii was known to practice a form of collectivism).

Genghis was strong and a tireless worker, which in his society meant often being "rewarded" with more work, and often times more menial and physically demanding labor. Around fourteen he had become a stout and broad-shouldered lad, and left Amalgamarii (having to sneak out as no one was permitted to leave). His absence was not noticed, and he spent the next several years working his way across the Agras.

His new life was challenging, but Genghis enjoyed it. He adapted quickly to strange concepts like being paid for his work, and being allowed to do as he pleased with the money. He soon developed a taste for fine, colorful clothing and expensive food, and since his typical labor jobs did not support this lifestyle, he turned to mercenary work.

"The sword came easy to me," Genghis later recounted; "I never had any formal training to speak of, but I never needed it. I bought cheap armor and decorated it with animal hides. Horns from large lizards were my favorite. It wasn't very functional, but it made me look incredibly menacing. For the sword I choose the largest broadsword I could find, fitted it with an extended handle, and swung it like a pickaxe. Again, not very effective, but it made me look terrifying. I learned, very quickly, that the best way to swing a sword was to never have to".

Genghis garnered a reputation as a strong and honest man. He worked as a sword for hire, but refused to aid bandits or anyone afoul of the law. He often served as a bodyguard for rich clients, many of whom found his appreciation of good food and fine clothing endearing.

He eventually found his way onto the staff of a high-ranking and eccentric diplomat, who enjoyed bringing Genghis and his elaborate costumes to formal functions. This new employment took Genghis to Arindell where he quickly became enamored of the Slayer Dragons' garb, and thus resolved to become one.


Genghis would rise eventually to the rank of Pendragon in A.Y. 1480, and carry the sword until his death. He is notable for the recruitment of Kenneth Winter, and for the antepenultimate known death of Akeron Kaido.