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Akeron Kaido was a powerful warrior-mage and battling sorcerer who held a high-ranking position within the Marcon Alliance. He reincarnated at least seven times as Akeron Kaido, and continued to appear, off and on, as late as the Fifth Age. The historian Skolla Shawni knew Akeron as a woman named Zephanie Gahliardi, and believes that the person he knew was also Venta Fani, a cult leader during the Golden Age.

Early Life

Nothing is known for certain about Kaido's first life, but it was most likely around 1900 B.G.A.. Given the high status he achieved in his first life, he was probably noble-born and most likely fathered by a then-wearing Lord of Chaos. As he wore the Mantle of the Inevitable, it is likely his father did the same. His mother was most probably a Hetaerina: one of a class of slave-concubines bred by the Marcons to provide them with heirs. Her son would likely have never known his mother, insofar as she was probably killed after his birth. His childhood would have been a privileged one, growing up in elaborate palaces and villas; though he would have undergone strict training and tutelage.

During the era of the Marcon Alliance when he is thought to have originally been born, high-ranking Marcons always secured an heir for themselves to hold power while they were reincarnating or to take power if they were unsuccessful. Kaido would likely have spent extensive time with his father in order to identify him. It is also thought very likely that he murdered his own father to gain power, in such a way as to prevent him from reincarnating himself.

Later Life

However he came to power, Kaido held it and achieved great prestige and wealth in what is thought to be his first lifetime. He had several monuments built to himself (an uncommon practice at the time) and traveled extensively. He was also able to command the resources needed to re-incarnate, and given his success at it, was probably personally able to carry out the ritual magics required.

It is believed that high-ranking Marconian sorcerers of the time committed ritual suicide in their tombs (probably through ritual self-mummification), around the age of sixty or seventy. This was done in order to reincarnate into a new, young body. Reincarnated individuals could take power as young as five, and were typically reborn within a year of their deaths. This meant that they could often resume friendships and even continue projects with little changing in their absence. While it is unknown for certain, it is most likely that Kaido followed this procedure during his first lives.


Kaido is known to have reincarnated at least seven consecutive times and lived for an average of eighty years each (longer than most Marconians). This meant he was a member of the Lords of Chaos for over 560 years. He is mentioned in the recollections of the Phoenix Tavern Flight, who speak of a battle he held with Lelerough. According to the dragons' version of events, Lelerough was responsible for at least two of his deaths; having killed him once in a fierce duel, then seeking out and killing him again after he'd come back to life.

He was likely not alive for Lelerough's rampage through the Marcon Alliance, and it is probable that she deliberately sought to destroy his tomb (breaking the ritual and leaving him unable to return again). Lelerough was responsible to destroying tens of thousands of Marconian Resurrection sites; while it is unlikely she was seeking his tomb specifically, she would certainly have wrecked it if she'd found it.

Later Reincarnations

Kaido's later lives were chronicled by Skolla Shawni, who sought to identify the past incarnations of his best friend, Zephanie Gahliardi. He records that Kaido appeared in the Second Chaotic Period and led what was left of the Marcon Alliance. Kaido appeared again in the early Golden Age and attempted to rebuild the Marcon Alliance, eventually being killed by Genghis Sater. This is the last time he would use the name Akeron Kaido.

His next incarnation was as Venta Fani, also in the Golden Age. Skolla Shawni records dozens of possible later lives, but the last confirmed life was as his friend, Zephanie.