Zephanie Gahliardi

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Zephanie Gahliardi was a young woman who lived during the late Fifth Age, and is best known from The Diary of Skolla Shawni. She was born in Zathra and died at Lake Bentika.


As described, Zephanie, called 'Zeph', was an adventurous, cheerful, amiable person, and seems to have been the leader of a small gang of friends, whom she guided on several small adventures, and one long quest that proved the ruin of all their youths. She was sometimes given to mood-swings; but paradoxically, to retain a given mood (happy or sad) for days on end. In early adulthood, she became convinced that her fits of melancholy, and the attendant hallucinations, were memories of a past life, and determined to visit the site of that life and die trying. Her sidekick Skolla Shawni, afterward, identified her past life with Akeron Kaido.