Phoenix Tavern Flight

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The Phoenix Tavern Flight is a Dragon flight centered around the Djr Archipelago off the coast of the Greater Continent. The Flight formed out of the remnants of The Dragonlands in 901 B.G.A. when the empire was destroyed by the Marcon Alliance.

The Flight maintains many of the same customs and traditions as The Dragonlands, including keeping humans as slaves, and using agriculture to maintain a food supply instead of hunting. The flight has gained the attention of numerous human rights groups around the Unity Earth Sphere Alliance for their use of humans as slaves. Due to the flight's remote location, these groups have been unable to take much action. The few visitors to the island report no dissatisfaction from the locals, who have no complaints about life under dragon rule.

Among the humans of Arindell, the historian Ferrimeso is one of Phoenix Tavern's most famous offspring.