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Ferrimeso was a dragon sorceress who lived during the Fourth Age. She was a member of the Phoenix Tavern Flight and spent much of her life at the Djr Archipelago. During her life, she made the long journey from Djr to High Mountain, by way of Seacrest Spire, and spent several years living with the dragons and visiting with the humans in Arindell.


While living in Arindell, Ferrimeso befriended noted historian Herbet Patric Galactis. According to contemporary accounts, the two met while Ferrimeso was in human form, and became fast friends. Ferrimeso contributed to the Accepted Histories, helping Galactis to fill in several gaps in his knowledge regarding The Dragonlands. Ferrimeso also became the first dragon ever to be interviewed on TV, where she appeared in full dragon form.

It is rumored that Ferrimeso and Galactis's relationship may have been romantic, but this is dismissed among later historians as the protuct of gossip magazines at the time. Both were quite well known public figures, and they were both young (or appeared so) and charismatic.

Later Life

Ferrimeso traveled extensively throughout the Fourth Age and even returned to Arindell a number of times to consult with Galactis's descendants on later revisions of the Accepted Histories. At some point she even circumnavigated the Greater Continent, a feat which would have taken decades.

The exact date of her death is unknown outside the Djr Archipelago: she is believed to have been around 700 years old. Old for a dragon, but young for a dragon sorceress. While many outsiders have reported her death as "suspicious", Phoenix Tavern's only comment has been that it was normal, and that 'uumans' [sic] should not guess too much on the nature of dragon mortality.

Theories and Speculation

One popular theory is that Ferrimeso was, like Lelerough, with significant human blood in her ancestry. This would explain both her skill as a mage and her shortened lifespan. Since her parentage is unknown outside of Djr, this remains to be proven.

Another speculation posits that she took Galactis as a mate. This would have proven quite a scandal, as Galactis had a human wife and a large family. Ferrimeso returned to Arindell frequently during Galactis's life, and upon his death went unseen there for more than thirty years. The speculation is that losing her mate eventually led Ferrimeso to die of a broken heart, thus explaining her shortened lifespan. Rumors also persist that she had at least one child by Galactis, who was raised as a human by the historian's wife.


Ferrimeso is cited as an important bridge between dragon and human kind. A modern dragon who had a great love of humans and was happy to share her great knowledge. She preferred dragon-form, and enjoyed visiting settlements and human cities where she often spoke at schools. She is among a very few who were known to give rides on her back to humans.