Kenneth Winter

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Anointed in A.Y. 1517, Kenneth Winter was the youngest Slayer Dragon in history, at the age of 17. He also holds the distinction of the first Slayer Dragon ever to die in combat.

Early Life

Kenneth was born to the well-known adventurer and mage-slayer Dagoth Winter. Though considered a vigilante by the Slayer Dragons, Dagoth was at least respected. He was 67 when his son was born, and had many severe injuries from his years of combat.

Dagoth Winter officially retired when his son was born, and moved to Arindell. He was wanted for crimes in many parts of the Alliance; but out of mutual respect, was officially pardoned by then-Pendragon Genghis Sater, who declared, in a well-known speech, though Dagoth's methods were not always appropriate, his moral code and actions agreed with the ideals of the Slayer Dragons.

Training to become a Slayer Dragon

At the age of 76, Dagoth passed away, his dying wish being for his son to become a Slayer Dragon. Though Kenneth was a year too young, and did not meet other criteria to begin the training, he received special dispensation from Genghis Sater, who was by then his godfather. To aid in this wish, Dagoth left his son a powerful relic: Sing, the legendary unbreakable sword.

Kenneth completed his training and the Trials in only 8 years, becoming the youngest Slayer Dragon in history. Though many historians argue that he received special treatment, Kenneth was not the first trainee to be groomed by the carrying-Pendragon. It is believed that had he lived, he would have been the next Pendragon.

Annointment and Death

Kenneth was a powerful and fierce Slayer Dragon, well-known for his courage and valor. He was also well-known to be rash and bold, often running ahead of the others. Slayer Dragons typically fight in teams of two, but Kenneth was alone the day he died.

He was not the youngest Slayer Dragon to die, but the first ever to be felled in battle.