Rhys Rayborn

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Rhys Rayborn was a Pendragon in the mid-to-late Second Age. While unremarkable as a warrior and a leader, he was certainly an enigmatic and charismatic individual. His successor was Uremer Lafiet.

Personal Life

Despite serving as a Slayer Dragon for nearly sixty years, Rayborn maintained an estate on the ourskirts of Arindell. He had married into a wealthy family and had a very beautiful wife. Inspired by her husband's elaborate regalia, Mrs. Rayborn dedicated herself to the art of sewing, and was highly sought-after as a costumer. She was also well-known at the time for re-creating the regalia of past Slayer Dragons based on paintings.

Sadly, Rayborn's wife died thirty years before him. As he neared his end, it was discovered that he had, for all these years, maintained her sewing room in the same state as when she had used it last. On his death, he had the entire room moved to his tomb in the Valley of Sleeping Dragons.