Battle of the Last Stand

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The Battle of the Last Stand was the final night of the Alliance, and signalled the fall of the known worlds to Samuel Fate. The battle ended the Age of the Dragon and began the Long Night in A.Y. 6960.

The Battle of the Last Stand is often identified as "the death of hope" or "the day hope died", with 'hope' referring to Hunter Jusenkyou. Immediately following the battle, Jason Bur'I composed this inscription, which he carved into a rock some distance from the battlefield:

Every break, every fall, every sunset

Heralded that final day

When fires burned, and heavens cried

When one last swing, one last sword

One last dusk

When that day on the cusp of the longest night

Hope, scared and bleeding,

Breathed its last.

This epitaph, widely copied and repeated throughout the Long Night, would later be titled Eulogy to the Dragon.