Landon Aldis

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A loyal protege of Ace Barnam, Landon was a competent Pendragon. The tenth Pendragon of Slayer Dragons, his accomplishments were somewhat overshadowed by his predecessor's; but he carried the sword with authority.

Best remembered for his sense of humor and near-constant smile (even in the face of certain doom), he was a favorite of Robert Desaradie over a thousand years later. Desaradie would always say "It was Landon who made it ok for a Pendragon to smile".

Impact on the Rank

While Eieber was well-known for not being terribly serious, the Pendragons who followed him carried out their tasks with solemn dignity. The elderly Pendragons Tanner Ruegg and Orin (who carried the sword for only short periods near the end of their lives) were often seen as robbing the role of its dignity. But it was young Johan Teague who truly turned the role of Pendragon into an object of mockery and ridicule.

Ace Barnam would return the role to its former glory. But much like Jayce Spearlock and Astrid Stador, he maintained a quiet countenance.

Landon did not.

Though Barnam would carefully groom him to take up the sword, Landon was never one to perform his duties with a straight face. Even marching into battle with a smile, he always gave his enemies pause. While not known for a quick wit, his laughter rang out nearly as loud as the draw of the sword. His successor was Colby Holman.