Astrid Stador

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The first female Pendragon of Slayer Dragons, anointed under her predecessor, Jayce Spearlock, in A.Y. 1102, and the first Pendragon to take up the sword under the newly-formed Slayer Dragon Count, which she championed and supported.

Astrid also established the Squire Dragon, an uncommon position that fell largely out of practice by the Third Age, but created some of the finest warriors of the Golden Age of the Slayer Dragons.

Despite her accomplishments, Astrid is unfortunately best known for popularizing Heart's Day, a holiday later celebrated all over the Alliance. Curiously, despite encouraging a holiday about true love, Astrid was life-long single, and is not known for any romantic interests.

Even in her own lifetime and throughout much of the Golden Age, she was the subject of numerous vicious rumors regarding her sexuality and personal life; most notably that she suffered from Objectum-Sexualism, and was intimately in love with the sword. A brief summary of her life reflected the idea: she began training for The Trials at a young age, became a Slayer Dragon young, and essentially lived her entire life within the order.

As the Second Age dawned and the history of the Golden Age was finally catalogued and published, many of the rumors and lies passed into fact, and for over 2,000 years, Astrid was held with little regard.

It was not until Herbet Patric Galactis published her biography in the the Fourth Age that her good name was restored. Having recieved special permission from the order to review and copy Astrid's diaries, Galactis told the story of a life filled with adventure.

Astrid was not an oddity, as thought in the Second Age, but a fearless adventurer, dedicated to the ideals of the Slayer Dragons and to doing good in the world. Her lack of preoccupation with men stemmed purely from inner strength and self-actualization. Though she never took a lover or courted, it was not for lack of trying. Her diary spoke often of a desire to find someone with whom she could share her adventures, but "that such a man no longer walks the earth".

Though the full text of her diaries were never published, Galactis went on in the Accepted Histories to suggest that Astrid was comparing every man she met to Eieber. Obviously no man could compare, so she spent her life alone. This was not such an uncommon thing, though Astrid refused to settle. Her successor was Emily.