Robert Desaradie

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Pendragon Robert Desaradie, best known as Pen Bob, was one of the most influential Pendragons in history.

Anointed when the Slayer Dragons still maintained a great deal of political control over the Alliance, Pen Bob was responsible for public works projects for the betterment of all.

Pen Bob had become a kind of pop-culture hero, and often served as Hunter’s example as Pendragon. Pen Bob was Pendragon of Slayer Dragons (his full title was Pendragon Robert Desaradie) some three centuries into the Second Age, and was responsible for establishing many programs that since helped to strengthen the Alliance.

More a politician than a fighter, Bob was often viewed as a kind of grass-roots individual. Rather than listen to committees and studies, he liked to go directly to the people and just ask them in plain and honest words what they thought the Alliance needed.

Using his station, he was able to accomplish far more than any senator could dream. He had a special knack for making things happen, and under his reign he brought technology to the less advanced regions of the Alliance, built roads and schools and libraries, and in general promoted an over-all sense of unity throughout the Unity Earth Sphere Alliance. Many historians agree that his work truly made it possible for the Alliance to succeed.

One of his greatest and most lasting achievements was the Foundation School, a university inside Valley Gale Keep itself. All the finest minds in the Alliance were invited to teach there, and attendance was free—with a catch. Students accepted to the University were given free room and board, and even travel expenses to and from their homelands, but in exchange they had to work in the castle as servants.