Michael Muranaka

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Michael Muranaka was the 34th Pendragon of Slayer Dragons, and is responsible for preserving the order through the Political Age. He is often credited as having coined the First File's oath, but contemporary sources disagree. Muranaka was a powerful leader and possessing of a completely indestructible optimism. This sense of hope would keep the rest of the Slayer Dragons in line for the next thousand years.

Best remembered for his rather colorful language, Muranaka was very outspoken about the rights and place of the Slayer Dragons. He had to be, when the Alliance senate was attempting to do away with the Order, or to turn "Slayer Dragon" into a political title. He openly mocked and insulted the senate committee on the subject, and threatened to kill the first politically-appointed Slayer Dragon. As a result, the committee felt best not to challenge him, and the Order continued.