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Kumono Sorenio (A.Y. 3812-3900, 88 years) was Pendragon of Slayer Dragons during the mid-to-late Third Age. He is best known for negotiating peace between the city-state Kladeth and the neighboring Warsong dragon flight.

He was among the last Pendragons to hold significant political power in the Alliance and is sometimes credited with starting the process that robbed the Pendragon of that power. However, Kumono died shortly before this process began, and his successor allowed the decline.

Throughout much of the rest of the Third Age, the story was that Kumono thought his successor "too weak" to handle leadership, and that he asked for the Pendragon's power to be suspended during his successor's time.

However, in the early Fourth Age, historian Herbet Patric Galactis threw this story into question, and ultimately disproved it, clearing Kumono's name. Herbert would go on to write the Accepted Histories, a body of work which revolutionized modern understanding of history.