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Kladeth is a human city-state in the shadow of a mountain containing the eerie of the Warsong Flight. When the region was first colonized in A.Y. 3581, the Warsong Flight was hibernating, and had been for over a century before human intrusion into the area.

The humans who built the city had no idea they were in the shadow of a dragon flight. They just knew that the land was abundantly fertile, and their crops and herds grew strong and fast. The city became a major center of agriculture, with exports of grain, vegetable products, and meat as its primary economic activity.

Kladeth grew for a little over three hundred years before the dragon flight awoke. To say the Warsong Flight was annoyed to find humans on their doorstep is completely inaccurate; they were delighted to find a city of tasty meat-snacks just outside, fleeing in terror. They were also delighted to discover the human invention of ketchup, which was especially tasty on its inventors.

A curious note in dragon history: A.Y. 3883 is the first recorded date of dragons discovering ketchup, a sauce which they enjoyed immensely. No flight before Warsong is known to have discovered this invention; in fact the use of dipping sauce by any dragon flight was never observed before Warsong smashed open a ketchup factory in Kladeth and then ate some of the workers.

In A.Y. 3884, Kumono, Pendragon of Slayer Dragons, and a representative from the High Mountain Flight, traveled to Kladeth to mediate the dispute. Warsong had no quarrel with High Mountain, so negotiations could take place.

After some setbacks, it was agreed that the city change its name to Warsong. No further expansion would be allowed, and the citizens would pay a tribute to the dragon flight of gold, cattle, and ketchup. Certain areas were designated as "human free" zones in which any humans could be devoured by the flight; but the rest of the region was open to them.

The city of Warsong continued in prosperity, and by the Sixth Age was something of a tourist destination, as one of the few cities in which dragons in the skies were a common sight. "Dragon Watching" became a popular pastime, and numerous open-air theaters were established to allow spectators the chance to watch the dragons overhead. Dragon shows were even put on every now and then by the flight, whose younger members delighted in the attention.

Dragons in Warsong were often known to take human form and socialize with the citizens. As a result, Warsong now houses the largest population of dragon-half people in the known worlds.


Air travel to and from Warsong is unavailable, as dragons invariably have the right of way. A high-speed rail line from the neighboring city delivers passengers to the airport there.

Warsong is home to the Parceltongue Institute, a research center dedicated to dragonology. Surprisingly few dragons involve themselves with it.