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A dragon-half is half-dragon, half-something-else. Dragons always insist on the distinction. 'Half-breed' is derogatory, and insulting to anyone part Mystical Creature. Among dragon-halves specifically, the term 'Half-brood' (brood referring to a clutch of newly hatched dragons dragons), is particularly insulting, however it is also the commonly recognized medical term.


Among dragon-halfs, the offspring can come in two different varieties. True love is the deciding factor: if the parents were fully in love with one another when they concieved the child, it will be born in the predominant form of its mother. In the case of a female dragon and a male human, the child would be born in dragon-form. For a male dragon and a female human (as of Hunter Jusenkyou), the child will be born in human-form. Dragon-halfs lose the shapshifting abilities of full-blooded dragons, but maintain the form of each parent. While not as powerful or longlived as full-blooded dragons, they are still magically quite strong.


Fallen Dragons will commonly try to mate with humans to produce loyal, non-feral offspring; but because they are motivated by the desire for power, or simple lust, their offspring will be a true half-breed, combining both forms. Though still strong in magic, these lack any form of shape-shifting. Komodo was an infamous example of this form of dragon-half.

Dredbrood can only be formed by a dragon father and human mother, and the child conceived only while the father is in dragon-form. Birth of the child nearly always results in the mother's death, and it's safe to say this act is frequently not consensual. Among dragons, savaging a human woman in this way, even with her permission, is regarded as rape. Further, fallen dragons are considered incapable of love.

While Dredbroods are not co

Fourths, Eighths, and So On

As the dragon DNA dilutes through the human DNA down the generations, interesting changes emerge. 1/4th-dragons lose all shapeshifting abilities, but if the parents truly loved one another, they will have no visible manifestation of draconicity. They also gain access to the dragon Genetic Memory. 1/4th-dragons might be born with far greater magical affinity than 1/2.

At 1/8th, true love is still a factor, though 1/8th dragon is far less visible. At this point, access to the genetic memory is restricted, but more widely available. At 1/4th, only tiny inklings of access occur; whereas at 1/8th, the genetic memory can be accessed subconsciously, or even conciously through meditation, though the latter is said to "warp" the knowledge.

A 1/16th-dragon displays some dragonish features, regardless of the parent's feelings. Changes to the bone structure are most frequent, but these are not outside acceptable ranges. Some scales might appear on the skin, and slightly elongated facial features are present.