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Scott Sagen (A.Y. 1934-220) was Pendragon of Slayer Dragons from the late Golden Age through the early Second Age, and is widely regarded as one of the most influential and historically important Pendragons in history, possibly more so than Eieber himself.

State of Affairs

Sagen was Pendragon during a tumultous time. When he was anointed in A.Y. 1991, the Alliance was all but non-existant. The Earth Sphere Unified Nations created by Pendragon Aden Searlin in A.Y. 158, which had collapsed officially in A.Y. 1298, had ceased to exist completely by A.Y. 1899, 35 years before Sagen's own birth, and 92 before his anointment. The previous Pendragon had left Sagen with the ninety-nine-years war which at that point had been brewing for 92 and was getting very close to boiling over.

Tensions first became evident in A.Y. 1298 when the Earth Sphere Unified Nations collapsed. At the time, the enemy was the Gudersnipe Foundation, but over the six hundred years that followed, countries had found new reasons to hate each other, sometimes even falling on rivalries which dated back to the Mage Wars.

The Talsa Kun were a prime example, a nation which believed its heritage could be traced back to the infamous Marcon Alliance and who openly promised to forge a new empire under the old standard. In truth, the Talsa Kun had belonged to the Marcon Alliance as a slave world.

Life's Work

When Sagen came to power, the Slayer Dragons were almost a joke. They were known universally as a team of do-gooders, but their army was pitiful and completely out-dated. They held no real political or economic power.

What they did have was friends. For the past six centuries (remembered as the Golden Age of the Slayer Dragons), they had traveled the verse righting wrongs and defeating powerful enemies. Nearly every royal family or political party owed a debt of some sort to the Slayer Dragons: enough to earn them an audence at the very least.

But this would not be enough.

Gudersnipe had been the enemy almost nine centuries earlier when the wounds of the Mage Wars were still fresh and there were many veterans still marching. But over most of the Golden Age, they had slowly inserted themselves into nearly every nation. The military presence, once feared, was now regarded warmly, as the Crimson Blade mercenaries promised to hold any line for the right price.

The stage was set for an apocalyptic war, the likes of which would make the Mage Wars appear a minor skirmish by comparison. Where the Mage Wars had been about power, this would be a great conflict of nations and ideologies; there was pride, and honor at stake now.

And there were enough stockpiled weapons to burn the Golden Age to embers.

Sagen opened up negotiations with the Foundation, which at this time had had no formal contact with the Slayer Dragons in nearly six hundred years. The Foundation was in no way interested in another war, though they were well prepared to fight it. In a secret meeting between Sagen himself and Laytami Gudersnipe (apparently still alive at the time), a treaty known only as "The Handshake Document" was signed. This secret document included a promise from the Foundation not to use its GATE network to move troops, and to instead exercise its substantial military might as a peace-keeping force.

Confident that the Foundation would not make a move for total dominance, Sagen was able to travel the verse with his Slayer Dragons, mediating disputes, and ultimately diffusing the tense situation.

His work ultimately led to the formation of a new Alliance, and a lasting peace. While Eieber is credited with ending the Mage Wars, Sagen ensured they would never start again.