Laytami Gudersnipe

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What's the difference between God and Laytami Gudersnipe? God doesn't think he's Laytami.

Laytami Gudersnipe is the enigmatic head of the Gudersnipe Foundation, and the only confirmed member of the Blind Consul. Laytami is known to posses magic, and is theorized to be using time travel in some way. Laytami has been formally listed as dead on several occasions, and makes very few public appearances.

While he often appeared in the early days of the Foundation, he was long rumored to be dead until the Ninety-nine-years war. His last official public appearance was in the Fifth Age, though sightings persisted even after.

Early life

No birth date is even speculated for Laytami. He was known to be in command of the old Gudersnipe Army when it first appeared at the start of the Second Chaotic Period. Though Foundation records state that he is human, he was never examined by an outside medical professional.