Earth Sphere Unified Nations

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The third form of the inter-dimensional government that became the Unity Earth Sphere Alliance, the Earth Sphere Unified Nations replaced the Ministry of Earth, which replaced the Ruling Council.

The Earth Sphere Unified Nations was the longest-running of the original attempts at inter-dimensional cooperation. Though not considered part of the old Alliance, it did contain most of the old nation-states, as well as new ones formed under the preceding two governments.

In total, the Earth Sphere Unified Nations ran for around 240 years of functional governance. However, lacking strong central authority made them ultimately ineffectual.


In A.Y. 158, Pendragon Aden Searlin was in position to watch the Alliance crumble before his eyes. Searlin was anointed under Eieber himself, the last Slayer Dragon to have that honor. While some of The Ten were still around, most of the Slayer Dragons of that era had not even been born during the Mage Wars when the old Alliance was forged.

Searching for some form of stability, Searlin reached out to the Gudersnipe Foundation. These were the early days of the Foundation, when it was still a mysterious bunch of battling sorcerers and quite clearly a military dictatorship. They controlled a great deal of territory during the Second Chaotic Period, but actually had a relatively small population. What they did have was a very large millitary.

The Gudersnipe millitary presence, or omni-presence as some called it, was one of the major contributing factors to the collapse of the Old Alliance. The Gudersnipe Army had never formally made any treaty with Eieber, and given their massive armaments, many feared they were just getting ready to re-ignite the Mage Wars.

The concern led other countries to arming themselves. Aden Searlin sought to assuage these fears by convincing Laytami Gudersnipe and his Gudersnipe Foundation to enter into a large, mutual-defense pact with the rest of the Alliance. By putting "them" on "our side", Searlin was able to put to rest lingering concerns, and bring about peace.

The plan turned out to be less about defence and more about encouraging trade, opening borders and such.

But after 240 years, when Searlin was firmly in the ground and the Alliance lacked a strong Pendragon, the Foundation would withdraw from the Earth Sphere Unified Nations, and begin its long and painful collapse.