Battling Sorcerer

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A battling sorcerer is a warrior who combines magic with weapon's mastery to fight. They were common during the Mage Wars, and all Slayer Dragons can be regarded as battling sorcerers.

Battleing sorcerers did not fight in towers, but tend to be the millitary leaders of tower-armies, or work as mercenaries. The Order of Wizard Breakers was a very famous group of battling sorcerers during the early years of the Mage Wars.

Armor and Weapons

Magical armor and weapons was invented for and most often employed by battling sercerers. They also typically made their own equipment, or worked closely with master smiiths. Most magical items likely at one time belonged to a battling sorcerer.

Orichalcum and Adamantium were popular materials for weapon and armor construction. Orichalcum made the best weapons while Adamantium was the finest material for armor. Mithrill was also highly sought-after; a very powerful battling sorcerer might have Adamantium armor, an orichalcum sword, and a ring of mithrill, and equipped as such would be an army unto himself.

Style and Technique

All battling sorcerers were well-versed in combat. In a fight against a non-magic using opponent, any battling sorcerer should win without using magic. Their spells were often complex, quick-to-cast, and difficult-to-counteract, and were combined with combative techniques.


The first battling sorcerers arose during the First Chaotic Period, though may have existed before the wars even began in B.G.A. 3700.

Kosta Guitain is often cited as the first battling sorcerer, but because he fought many other battling sorcerers in his day, this is unlikely to be true. He is also often identified as the first Mageblade (a type of battling sorcerer who uses swords to weave spells), but again he fought others who used this technique so he is unlikely to be the original.

Throughout this early period, they had no real allegiance to anyone. They were often seen as great wanderers and explorers, who used their skills to travel the verse.

Battling sorcerers founded many of the first towers. By the Dynastic Period, most battling sorcerers were either millitary leaders commanding the armies of a given tower, or mercenaries. By this period, the romanticized view of battling sorcerer was gone.

In the Second Chaotic Period, there was a new resurgence of battling sorcerers. As the mage towers went down one by one, many wizards turned to battling sorcerers' techniques to continue fighting.

By the Golden Age, battling sorcerers were a dying breed. Most magic users had been casualties of the Mage Wars, and with them died the many secrets and techniques that made the conflict possible. With little need for battling sorcerers, the few that remained simply grew old and died.

Around the begining of the Third Age, a new conflict would arise, once again requiring the use of the battling sorcerer. It was the Necromanic Wars, and unlike the Mage Wars, tower magic and tower techniques were never employed. This was the perfect war for battling sorcerers, and throughout the 108 year conflict, they reigned supreme.

As the Ages passed, magic would fall out of favor as technology gained dominance. The era of the battling sorcerer was over, and while a few would still appear from time to time, they were few and far between.