Going South

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Going South, or The Great Southward Trek, or Thirty Years Afterward, or The Road to Temple-Down (and other titles) is a story connected to the Course Books.


Going South was composed by A.E. Clipson and Rick Austinson, with input by Natalie Cannon and Erin West.


The text was composed partly in verse; partly in prose; and partly as a set of moral debates among its characters, known as its Dialogues.


The story follows Nathan Ransom, A.E. Clipson, Traroth the Dragon, and (in earlier drafts) Nathan's sister Michelle, en route to rescue Nicole Ransom and Jonas R. Work from the Dark Order. Throughout the story they encounter numerous reversals and misfortunes, until they ultimately reach the Temple of Camazotz, where the prisoners are held, and rescue them in a battle. Later, everyone is recaptured, freed, and captured again; and the final rescue is by Marcus Ransom himself, and some of Ransom's Crew.

Links to the Course Books

The Road to Temple-Down takes place on Altronis in the Fourth Age, and one of its chapters features Andrei Ransom. It also introduces the Divine Wind, and some alternative names for the Pendragon and Slayer Dragons.