A.E. Clipson

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Artaxerxes Edgemont Clipson, sometimes called 'Aarth' or 'Atreus', was a native of Planet Altronis; a scholar; part-time mystic; companion of the dragon Traroth, and a member of Ransom's Crew.


The son of equatorial natives transplanted to the Northern Hemisphere, Artaxerxes was a strong believer in magic during the Fourth Age, when most of Altronis considered such belief ridiculous. Though in childhood interested in the Natural Science, he graduated B.A. in Liberal Studies. At 16 years, he coöperated with Traroth and Nicole Iaggi in a power-raising spell against the corruption omnipresent on Altronis; but afterward offended Nicole, and did not see her for the next 30 years.

Adult Life

In his middle 30s, Clipson joined Ransom's Crew, under the name of Andromachus Slade, never knowing that Nicole was also a member. As Slade, A.E. was loyal to Ransom, and useful; but his flippant speech annoyed Crewmate 'Hammer', who therefore suspected him of half-heartedness; partial inward disloyalty; or even betrayal. No confirmation appeared of these; but Hammer's 2nd catch-phrase was nevertheless 'Shut up, Slade'.

Later Life

After his years with Ransom's Crew, Clipson and Traroth settled elsewhere; Traroth a sire already, but Clipson newly married and the father of 2 sons. Man and dragon were afterward invoked by Nathan Ransom to rescue his mother and Jonas R. Work from the 'Dark Order' avenging both corpocracy and their own magical defeat. Clipson and Traroth attempted rescue, killing some of the Dark Order; but final rescue was by Marcus Ransom himself, who slew the enemy's leader, Elias Grimshaw.


Clipson died at 91 years (Standard) and was burned in an open field, after his family's custom. At the time of Nicole's rescue, he was 46 years old.