Divine Wind

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Divine Wind is a magic technique.

Origins and Later Use

Originally, Divine Wind was a name for the sudden 'metaphysical enlightenment' of an individual; as if this had actually 'blown away' all its illusory or neurotic ideas about life. Later, this became a spell wielded by Arch Magi to produce the same effect on undergraduate wizards. During the Mage Wars it came to be used by one master-wizard on another, to alter the course of the feud between them (usually in the caster's favor), or to do away with the enemy's will to fight (in so far as: if you prove to the enemy that the two sides are fundamentally identical, in every way that matters, but do not give him a reason to fight on, he might throw the war); and after the Imprisonment of the Necromancers, became used by some mystics to misdirect their enemies outright.


So far, Divine Wind has only appeared in Going South, though it might show up in the Mage Wars RPG some time…


Divine Wind appears to the viewer as a sudden gale, which seems briefly to fill the field of vision. When the dust clears, one might be anywhere: enlightened, or dead, or on some other world, or some place far from the intended destination. Where one arrives, depends on the caster's intentions. It is not an easy spell to cast, and requires a master of magic, though a few dozen adepts might serve as well.


In the Mage Wars RPG (both on-line and off), Divine Wind is not an elemental, but a Light/Dark magic (similar to Magefire), with a few elemental elements thrown in. It is a high-level technique and requires a powerful Mage, Paladin, or Cleric-class PC, or a powerful 'Boss' NPC, or an 'Advisor/Mentor' NPC to use. When PCs use it, it is a scroll-based technique, and best used when maximum power is necessary.