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Status Upgrade: The overhaul is mostly done. Visit the Checklist for an idea of what's still broken.

Considered Massive overhaul: rework the game to have more to do with managing cool downs and character-build, make mages more about the cool downs.

MRPG New System Theorycraft

The Mage Wars RPG System has now been officially titled Year of Fire, various games using it will use the Year of Fire title and that will be the name of the PnP core rule book.

For the time-period, click here. See Also: Mage Wars PnP. See Also Also: Mage Wars CCG

What you're looking at is part design doc for a computer game and part rough draft of a tabletop role playing book. If its confusing its because this is still a work in progress. The role playing game is based on Course Books IP and set during the late Dynastic Period of the Mage Wars mentioned in the books.

The basic design of the game will follow the precepts of the Mage Wars. That is: steel against steel, magic against magic, and power is the only thing that matters.


Within the Course Books storyworld, the MMO game will set sometime between B.G.A. 305 and 301. The Marcon Alliance is fracturing, but the Gudersnipe Army has not yet emerged. Tower Magic still dominates the land, sword and sorcery. There are city-states, and some larger nations; but the real power lies with the archmages, whose various factions divide the lands.

Players engaging in the Pen and Paper version have access to a much wider range.


The game is set initially on the massive Agras Plain, but will later include many regions and continents in the dimension of Arindell. Later expansions might give the players access to other dimensions; but the world of Arindell is large enough to enclose the entire massive adventure.


The game will begin primarily with the Agras and Lowland Plains areas, including the High Mountains and Sun's Beacon. Other areas may be added later.


Players will be able to travel around the game world through a series of portals. If at all possible, these portals should not require a loading screen; if they do we should make some sort of mystical "portal hub" from which players can reach every portal. This should look impressive: something like an Axis Mundi, or else a corridor (or tower) full of doors, or a maze, or perhaps a sea or landscape in which each feature represents a destination.

There should also be "into danger" portals which deposit the players into a random, appropriately-leveled area, thus allowing them to fight their way out. Players in parties will be transported to the same place.


The game will not have a set dynamic story line and will basically remain static. New areas and expansion packs will be added, but it will be assumed that no time passes within the game unless a major event such as the arrival of the Gudersnipe Army occurs.

The primary enemy will be the Marcon Alliance, whose reach extends to the eastern-most edge of the Barrier Range. Most end-game content will be based on raids into Marconian territory.


The game will launch initially with eight classes but a few new ones will be added later through two expansions: Rise of the Raw Forms and Twilight of the Necromancer. Both should be released within a few years of the initial game.

One planned expansion will be to introduce the Gudersnipe Army on schedule. This might enrage the fanbase however since the Gudersnipers use high-technology. However, some players might be interested in the addition of guns and other equipment. The army is never explicitly stated to have used only technology and is often magic-tech. It would not be an enormous challenge to make everyone happy through some well-placed questions.

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