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In Mage Wars RPG, the flourish system is, by necessity, implemented in a much more boring and practical way. Essentially, when fighting various MRPG Effects effects such as blindness or knockdown, you can attempt to flourish once a second by taping the ~ key. The engine will then roll a virtual D20 and on a natural twenty you will succeed in the flourish and negate the effect.

Various items and facets can increase your base-flourish. A +4 to flourish adds 4 to the dice role, so a role of 16 would succeed the flourish.

Flourish Save

The other aspect of flourish in MRPG is the flourish system for avoiding traps, damage, etc. This affects whether or not you are even hit by the event, not how much damage it does.

The three types of Flourish Saves are Alchemical, Mystical, and Physical.

  • Alchemical
  • Mystical

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