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  • Blindness
  • Knockdown
  • Disarm
  • Injured
  • Immobile
  • Inept
  • Blithesome
  • Poisoned
  • Quieted
  • Silenced

Though I loathe each and every one of these effects from the bottom of my very soul, they are necessary in order to provide a well-balanced and rounded gameplay experience. Each effect is temporary and can be overcome with the use of a MRPG Flourish. The other goodnews is each and every effect has a potential immunity available!

Effects In-Depth


You are blind and unable to see. Characters cannot make ranged attacks or cast ranged spells, they may still attempt to make mellee attacks but take a 75% penalty to AV. They can cast AOE-spells that emanate from the mage(not from target). On the player's screen blindness will manifest as a dark shroud over the character's head. The duration of blindness depends on the cause, all sorts of items can trigger a blindness effect as well as numerous spells.

  • Combat: You cannot make Dodge or Evade rolls, even with Proficiency. You cannot use the Activated AbBility Block. Every incoming attack is treated as a Sneak Attack.


You are knocked down and cannot attack, move, or cast spells. Knockdown can be caused by spells or activated abilities characters can learn through facets. The cause of the knockdown effect will supply a duration. Each round, you may roll Defense for an attempt to stand up. You must make the following number of points on your roll to succeed:

  • Rank 0 = 5 points
    • Rank 1 = 8 points
      • Rank 2 = 11 Points
        • Rank 3 = 24 Points
  • Combat: While knocked down, you can still roll for defense(including dodge attempts) but with half of your DV at the time you were knocked down. Every attack counts as a Sneak Attack.


Your weapon has been knocked from your hand, until it is retrieved you will attack bare-handed. Mages who have their spellbook knocked out of their hand cannot cast spells except from memory.

Certain weapons such as Khopeshes, Halberds, Picks, Sakabotos, and Kamas have the "Hooked" property and give a bonus to disarm checks. These weapons do not grand the wielder disarm-checks.

  • Combat: while disarmed you attack based on Weapon Proficiency: Unarmed. If you have no points in this ability, you cannot attack. You can always improvise a weapon.


Your character becomes an idiot. Movement speed is slowed by 50% for the duration of the effect and all stats take a -4 per rank(this does not effect total HP). The stat penalties effect AV and DV if they reduce the stat to below the level of the associated Proficiency. This effect lasts until remove.

  • Combat: All attacks count as Sneak Attacks. On hit, roll 1d20, on a 17 or above, the opponent gets an extra attack.


Your character becomes inexplicably cheerful, merry, and strangely attracted to just about everything that moves. You can attack, but due to you sudden infatuation, you loose 20%AV per rank. Your character is prone to wander off from the group, unable to focus. Move speed is reduced by 20%. This effect lasts until cleansed.

  • Combat: while in combat, you loose 20% of your attack dice.


You are temporarily confused by your surroundings and forget any purpose you may have had. While under this effect you loose 30% of your DV and any special attack is an automatic hit. When the effect fades, you can no longer remember your target and will be have to decide on a new on. The cause of the Dazed effect determines the duration.

  • Combat: All attacks count as Sneak Attacks. A successful Sneak Attack deals an additional 3d6 damage.


Poison causes severe stat damage. There is effectively only one type of poison, though the character's chances of becoming poisoned vary from situation to situation. Having the "poisoned" effect causes the character to take 3-11 points of stat damage to all stats, per rank + 1. These penalties cannot be removed with ordinary seals, only a cure poison effect can remove it. The Poisoned condition persists until removed.

  • Combat: Poison has no effect on combat besides it's impact on stats. If a stat is reduced to less than the proficiency it governs, this does effect AV and DV calculations.


The Quieted effect only impacts mages and those using Special Proficiency: Magic. A character who is Quieted is unable to cast spells or use magic of any time. Magical effects derived from potions, wands, or other items may still be used, but not scrolls, spellbooks, or memorized spells.

  • Combat: This effect has no effect on combat, except as stated in the rules above.


Silenced effects all characters, and leaves them unable to cast spells or use activated abilities of any kind. This includes harmonies, Exigent Moirai, or any regular activated abilities. Potions and wands may still be used, but anything else is right out.

  • Combat: This effect has no effect on combat, except as stated in the rules above.

Stat Penalties

Any Stat, Skill, or Proficiency can have a negative penalty applied to it. These characters do not effect Hit Points. A characters Weapon Proficiency: Bladed, for example, cannot be reduced until the character is unable to equip a weapon. However, if the appropriate proficiency is reduced to 0, the character has no ability to attack.

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