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An Activated Ability is a race or class-based ability. Some can be unlocked through facets.

Star Ratings

Every unit has a star rating associated with it that denotes how powerful it is verses effects. Not all activated abilities require a star check, only those that involve either a specific effect or direct contact with the enemy.

Example: Blind has a star check because you are attempting to blind an opponent. Stronger enemies = harder to blind. Multi-Shot does not, because you are only firing multiple arrows, and this can be done towards anything.

Star ratings are [encapsulated by brackets]. As with spells, all star ratings are + Rank.

Cool Downs

Cool Downs for activated abilities are usually based on a per day, per rest, or per cooldown (with lengthy cooldowns). Cool downs are |encapsulated by bars|.

General Abilities

  • Blind: you attempt to disorient your enemy and blind them for a length of time. If the Blind attempt is successful it results in blindness lasting for 1d6 rounds, plus any bonuses. Blinding requires an alchemical agent known as blinding powder. [1 Star + Rank] |Cool Down 6|
  • Poison: you huck a bottle of poison at your enemy, attempting to poison him! This was perhaps not the best thought-out strategy. This ability effects only Mortal creatures with the base effect and potion. [3 Stars + Rank]. |Cool Down 4|
  • Knockdown: you attempt to knock your enemy over, shoving them to the ground for 1d6 rounds. [*** + Rank]|Cool Down 6|
  • Impact: an AOE-version of knockdown, hits everything within a 10-foot radius and lasts 1d6 rounds. [*** + Rank]|Cool Down 6|
  • Potion Weapon: you huck an offensive potion at a target. This is a different ability than poison because shut up. See Potion Weapons for a full list. This ability has no star rating because you are throwing a glass bottle. |Cool Down 3|
  • Healing Draught: You infuse a healing potion with positive energy and throw it at a friendly ally, providing the effect of the potion to them. |Cool Down 6|
  • Split Second: Re-roll whichever dice you just rolled(Initiative, Attack, Defense, etc). Pretend the first roll never happened. |Cool Down: 1 day|
  • Break Ward: shatters a magical ward.

Combat Abilities


  • Injure: you aim your next blow for a specific weak spot, attempting to injure your enemy and reduce their fighting ability. Mage Wars PnP:An Injury attempt must be coupled with a normal attack, and the player must announce that they are attempting the injury before making the attack. Players may also make a flourish attempt for the injury. Mage Wars RPG: Activating the Injure Ability causes a normal attack to occur, the attack must be successful to trigger the injury. If successful, the target is Injured, and suffers 50% reduced movement speed and 50% reduced Attack for 1d6 rounds, plus weapon damage. [*****]. |Cool Down 6|
  • Sneak Attack: you must be standing behind your target to activate this ability. You gain a +2 per rank bonus to AV. If the attack is successful, it deals double-damage. Damage is doubled after applying any bonuses from Sneak Attacks. Cool down is reduced by 1 per point of Speed Modifier if the character has Special Proficiency, Stealth. [*****]. |Cool Down 6|
  • One-Shot: As you move past an enemy, you deliver a single, finite, finishing blow. The ability instantly effect-kills one target with a star rating 3 or less. Requires any Physical Special Proficiency to use. [***] |Cool Down: 12|
  • Threaten: Force a nearby target to attack you. If combat is already underway, the target will abandon their current attack and switch targets to you, forfeiting their attack roll for this round. The Cool Down for this ability is reduced by 1 for every point of Charisma the character has. |Cool Down: 8|
  • Command: The ability is a toggle and permanently consumes one Cool Down slot. While active, you generate significant additional Threat.


  • Multi-Shot: Can only be used while wielding a bow. You make a single attack roll, but instead fire 2 + Rank arrows at your target. |Cool Down 6|
  • Aim On the Run: Can be used with any ranged weapon. You center your thoughts to focus your eyes and hone in on your target. You may add your SPD Mod to your Attack roll. If your Mod is greater than or equal to five, fire an additional projectile. |Cool Down 3|
  • Full Round Aim: Can be used with any ranged weapon. Ignoring all distractions, you stand perfectly still and draw down on a target. You declare Full Round Aim on one round and take no other actions. The next Round you begin the attack. This attack bypasses DV and is an automatic hit and automatic critical. Can be combined with Multi-Shot. You may still roll attack to determin super-crits. |Cool Down 6|


  • Power Attack: you pour all of your strength into this next blow. (Note: requires any weapon that makes contact, cannot be ranged). This ability also requires a normal attack, if successful, it deals double damage. You take 2d20 damage from the exertion. |Cool Down 6|
  • Disarm: you attempt to rip the weapon from your enemy's hand. If the Disarm attempt is successful, it results in 1d8 rounds of disarm per rank. Disarm check is Star Rating plus any bonuses not coming from the weapon(some weapons have inherent Disarm bonuses). Requires any Physical Special Proficiency to use. [***]. |Cool Down 10|
  • Shield Bash: you attempt to smack a target with your shield. This can be done as a free action or as a defensive move. Roll normal attack, if successful, deal damage based on the shield's damage dice. If used as a defensive move, this also stops an opponent's attack(you still loose DV). |Cool Down 4|
  • Great Cleave: Works like Cleave but adds +1 damage dice + 1 per Rank on a successful hit. Does not share a cool down with Cleave. Requires any Physical Special Proficiency to use. |Cool Down 6|
  • Brutish Stomp: you slam your foot down, momentarily pinning the enemy while you unleash a furious blow. Can only be carried out with a melee weapon size Medium or above. This attack bypasses DV and is an automatic success and an automatic critical hit. AC is unaffected. You may still roll attack to determine Over-Crit. Requires any Physical Special Proficiency to use. [*****].|Cool Down 6|

Auto-Granted Abilities

These are abilities granted either by exotic weapon properties or the simple act of equipping a specific weapon-type.

  • Wracking Strike: you turn your weapon around and use the reverse side to deal a devastating blow. This attack does no damage, but reduces your target's DV by 1d6 on 1-handed weapon and 2d6 on a 2-hander, plus 1d6 per Rank. Note: this ability is only granted by weapons with the weapon spike property. |Cool Down 12|
  • Block: you raise your shield to parry an incoming attack. Gain 1 defence dice + 1 per rank. |Cool Down 4|
  • Cleave: you swing your weapon in a mighty arc. This allows you to attack multiple targets, but only those standing immediately around you. Requires any Physical Special Proficiency to use. |Cool Down 2|

Magic Abilities

Magic abilities can be used as free actions.

  • Enforce: This ability can only be used with a spell that has a single target. The next spell you cast cannot be countered or interupted, and has a star-rating equal to your highest Magical proficiency. |Cool Down 6|
  • Wit: the next Slow-Cast spell you cast is cast as though it were Fast-Cast. |Cool Down 6|
  • Quiet: All spells the target has go on Active Cool Down [3 Stars + Rank] |Cool Down 6|
  • Silence: All spells and activated abilities the target has go on Active Cool Down [1 star + rank] |Cool Down 5|
  • Judgement: Focusing divine wrath, you pass judgement upon a single target, dealing 2d6 Positive damage in addition to your normal damage. This counts as a normal weapon attack but is an automatic Hit, no automatic critical. You may still roll the attack for crit and super-crit. |Cool Down 10|
  • Motivate: Harnessing your powers of leadership and charisma, you rally your comrades to stand up and turn to! Motivate removes any effects in place and causes any knocked-down party members to immediately stand up. Restores 1d8 + 1d8 per Rank DV.
  • Consecrate: As a force for Good, you kneel and place your hand on the ground, consecrating the land around you. Any nearby enemies take 6d6 Positive damage + 4d6 Per Rank. |Cool Down 6|
  • Ward: Creates a semi-solid wall. See Aurmanacer for details. |Cool Down 6|


Talents are Activated Abilities that mimic the effects of spells. Once activated, it functions like the spell was cast. However, the Cooldown is a generic cool down and the spell does not have to be memorized or prepared like a magical spell. Talents can also effect higher star units, heaving as though they have 1 additional Star.

  • Talent: You transform a learned spell into a Talent. Cool Down is equal to the spell's Cool Down.

Special Abilities

These are abilities granted through the use of Pillars.

  • Singing Bell Strike: You swing your weapon in a mighty arc at everything around you. Any enemy within range automatically rolls 5 damage dice and suffers -10 DV. You then roll Attack, if a single enemy fails to avoid the hit, all of them take damage. |Cool Down 6| Gideon Codex First Order Ability
  • Meditation: You drop to your knees and enter a serene, trance-like state. If used in combat, you meditate for five rounds and regain 1d6 x 10% of your hit points(10-60 percent). If used outside of combat you gain back a full 60% of your hit points. |Cool Down 20, 1 Hour.| Bushido Fourth Order Ability
  • Fines Attack: You make a complex, elaborate, and esthetically beautiful attack. If you have the Spare Fingered Fist Facet, you may count each 12 as 2 seperate points when rolling your attack. If combined with a Level III or higher Flourish, this attack is an automatic hit. |Cool Down 6| Bushido Eighth Order Ability
  • Called Shot: The next Ranged Attack you make hits and crits automatically, regardless of DV. Must be moving when you fire. |Cool Down 2| Called Shot Focus First Order Ability
  • Hide in Daylight: As a Free Action, you distract anyone targeting you with such grace and finesse that you become effectively invisible, even if standing in the middle of a crowded, well-lit room. Even opponents actively looking for you will be shocked and confused as to why you have vanished. Magical seeing effects can detect this deception. Sneaky First Order Ability
  • Ignored Nuisance: You have successfully deceived one enemy into believing you pose no threat at all. For 1d20 rounds, you may attack a single target without generating any threat. The target and all others will ignore you. A special attack or critical hit will jar the target and force them to take notice. WorldShaper Notes: for added fun, roll the d20 for your player, and don't tell them how many rounds they have! |Cool Down: once per day| Stabby First Order Ability
  • Lay On Hands: You lay hands upon a single target, healing them fully and removing all maladies, afflictions, effects, and conditions. |Cool Down 6, 1 hour| Devotion 7th Order Ability
  • Divine Judgement: You stand and pass judgement on a single target. You make a normal attack with your weapon that auto-hits and auto-crits. This ability effect-kills any target 5-stars or less. Stronger enemies take 8d12 Positive damage and 5d8 Untyped damage in addition to normal weapon damage. You may still role attack for Super-Crit, on a Super-Crit the bonus damage is also multiplied. |Cool Down 20, 1 Day| Crusader/Devotion Arch Ability
  • Eye of the Storm: Harnessing your inner peace, you drop to your knees and quiet your thoughts. You must remain for 6 rounds, if you break the stance you loose it's effects. While in Eye of the Storm, you are immune to all damage and nothing but your conscious decision can break it. On the 7th round, you stand and execute a Cleave attack that strikes all nearby enemies. This effect is an automatic knockdown on 7-star and lower targets, and is an automatic crit and over-crit equal to your Rank(up to Rank III). All damage dealt as a result of the attack is treated as Untyped damage, and for the next 5 rounds, you continue to deal Untyped damage. Chaplin First Order Ability
  • Duck: you give up 4 + Rank DV in exchange for avoiding a single attack completely. You do not roll defense. This ability can be used even with DV 0. |Cool Down: 12| Flight Seventh Order Ability
  • Vapor: activate this ability to become functionally invisible for 1d12 rounds. Attacking does not break invisibility. |Cool Down: 20| Flight Third Order Ability
  • Bluff: activate on a successful melee or ranged attack. Role for a second attack. If successful, you make the second attack and your threat drops to 0. If you have Special Proficiency, Stealth, both attacks count as Sneak Attacks. |Cool Down: 6| Stabby/Hidey Arch Ability

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