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Hydrolash Effect Mind '
A single target is made to believe they are drowning. On stronger opponents, this effect is merely incapacitating, preventing them from attacking. Weaker targets will actually take damage, and very weak-willed enemies will die as a result. 4-Star: incapacitated for 1d4 rounds, 3-Start: Incapacitated and 1d8 damage per round for 4 rounds, 2-Star: Effect-kill.
Slow-Cast 4 **** 8

Spontaious Combustion Mystical Mind '
A single target is made to believe they are on fire. This effect does not incapacitate the victim, but causes 1d8 + 1d8 per Rank untyped damage per round for 2d4 Rounds. Weaker-willed opponents may actually catch on fire.
Fast-Cast 3 *** 8

Disarm Physical Force '
Knocks the weapon from a single target's hand. Works like Disarm Activated Ability.
Fast-Cast 2 *** 6

Magnet Force Physical Force '
Causes several opponents to become stuck together and held by an etheral force. This effect does not by itself cause damage, but only the largest member of the group is able to move or attack(if all are the same size, whichever one the spell was targeted at can move and attack). Effect lasts 1d8 Rounds.
Fast-Cast 4 *** 10

Ground Pound Physical Force '
A target is lifted into the air and slammed into the ground. Target is lifted 2 + 1d8 feet. Target takes 1d12 + 1d12 Per Rank for every 2 they are dropped from. Creatures weaker than 3-Star are also subject to a knockdown effect.
Fast-Cast 3 *** 6

Force BlastEffectForce
You propell a fist of pure force into a nearby target, knocking them away.
Fast CastMinimum Level: 1***Cool Down: 6

Force BurstEffectDeath
You create a burst of force around you, knocking back any hostile targets within 180* of the direction you aim.
Fast CastMinimum Level: 4***Cool Down: 6

Send AwayEffectDeath
You attempt to send a single target "away". Where are you trying to send it to? You don't care.
Casting SpeedMinimum Level: 20****Cool Down: 8, 1 hour

Dark Magic Attack Physical, Mystical Dark '
A sudden, intense burst of complex energy surges from your outstretched hand and stirkes a single target. Deals 10d6 Negative Damage and 1d4 per level Untyped damage.
Fast Cast 20 ******** 6

Ultimate OfferingEffect, MysticalDeath

Calling up the ultimate powering over life and death, the mage offers up one being as a living sacrifice to transform its ethereal essence and life force into a weapon, to be immediately targeted at another, dealing 1d6 damage per the sacrificed victim's hit points to the target. The sacrifice must be a Mortal being and must actually die.

Minimum Level: 24*********Cool Down: 80, 1 week

Send Away, Mass Effect Death '
Similar to the spell Send Away, but targeting everything within range.
Slow Cast 24 **** 30, 1 hour

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